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    Posted 08-07-2019 15:35
    Edited by Taylor Mitchell 08-19-2019 15:59

    Welcome! We are ecstatic to see you've joined us on the Women in Print public community. Printerlink is a forum for conversation, referrals, product/job searches, and more. This public community that you have joined allows you to collaborate, network, and develop a support group all under one place.

    We want this to become a haven for healthy speech, debate, and support - because we all need that in our life. So allow us to create that community for you, one block at a time.

    Once you post a message, be sure to click the Follow star in the upper right corner to see responses to your message. Also, enable your email preferences to receive notifications at your preferred interval.

    So once again, Welcome!

    Taylor Mitchell
    Membership Assistant
    Specialty Graphic Imaging Assn
    Fairfax VA