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OSHA RFI-- Leading Indicators

  • 1.  OSHA RFI-- Leading Indicators

    Posted 12-10-2019 12:06

    Hello Commercial Printers!
    Please take a minute to read through this post and submit a response to the survey (linked below). It should only take 5 minutes!

    OSHA Request for Information (RFI)

    OSHA has launched an initiative to determine how companies are using leading indicators as part of their overall safety program. They have requested information from the industry that will be used to create additional tools that may help employers with developing and using leading indicators.

    In order to respond to the request for information, we are asking that you answer the questions in this survey so that we can compile the results to provide to OSHA in a summary form. Be assured that we will not be providing OSHA with individual responses.

    What are Leading and Lagging Indicators? Leading and Lagging Indicators are used to track overall safety program performance. Each of them has advantages and disadvantages.

    • Lagging Indicators are those that measure after an injury has occurred and are most commonly used.
      • Examples: OSHA recordable injuries, workman's compensation claims, incident frequency and severity or days away from work
    • Leading Indicators are proactive, preventative, and predictive ways to spot safety program failures before a mishap occurs.
      • Examples: are near misses, safety training, employee perception surveys, preventative maintenance, or safety audits.

    To improve workplace Health and Safety programs, OSHA is promoting the adoption of both types in tandem.

    Heather Nortz
    Specialty Graphic Imaging Assn
    Fairfax VA