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Web to Print - Train the customer?

  • 1.  Web to Print - Train the customer?

    Posted 10-09-2019 19:48
    Edited by Bob Monte 10-09-2019 22:53
    I was first hired on with EFI as our W2P product specialist. For nearly four and a half years did countless demo's, built the ROI and developed customized workflows for many types of printing establishments.

    I really thought I have heard very scenario possible any commercial printer would ask when it comes to investing in a W2P solution. That was up until last week when a customer called me wanting to discuss their workflow and how I might consider streamlining things a bit.

    After working things through, we assessed the problem being five CSR's hand keying orders into his MIS system, to the tune of 125 orders per day. It turns out he also has a W2P in place, and those orders were delivered by email to the CSR.

    To me, this was an easy fix. My suggestion was to purchase the MIS API. Creating a bridge for orders from their W2P, all data would automate into his MIS.

    He immediately got it. But what got me, "that something I never before heard", him telling me his customers would never place their orders online. So.... Why do you have a W2P if that is the case? Are your customers saying this, or are you speaking for your customers?
    Nothing I suggested would move his resolve. Have the CSR place the first order for the customer through the W2P, then show the value of simple re-order, job status, and order history. Nope, not biting. Explain to the customer they can order from you any time with live page preview seeing the actual binding on their job before it is ever printed. Nope, fishing without bait, no bites. This went on for quite a while until I reached the limit of suggestions.

    My question to the community. When you consider the purchase of a W2P, is the customers willingness to use the system ever on your mind? And if so please share what those considerations may be.

    Bob Monte
    Strategic Account Manager
    Austin TX