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Making Sensor of it all......

  • 1.  Making Sensor of it all......

    Posted 03-05-2021 11:52

    Just wanted to thank this group for the intriguing leads that were the spark for this story. Next issue we will hear from Dr. Martin Peacock from ZimmerPeacock in the UK. He's an amazing fellow who started screenprinting at age 7 at the family dinner table. His company just came out with the first breath based Covid rapid tester - a Covid Breathalizer, if you will.

    So much cool stuff going on in Screenprinting. Spread the word. Be safe.

    Screen Printing February/March 2021 Page 34

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    Screen Printing February/March 2021 Page 34
    shop talk WE'RE PRINTING MORE THAN T-SHIRTS. By Andy MacDougall MAKING SENSOR OF IT ALL THIS WAR AGAINST COVID-19 - and let's not kid ourselves, it is a war - seems to have some hopeful signs.
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    Andy MacDougall
    TMI/Squeegeeville/Wachiay Studio
    Royston BC
    250 334 2598