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PDAA Certified Installers have passed the PRINTING United Alliance PDAA Proficiency Certification tests. This listing shows all certified installer companies that have a PDAA Certified installer on staff – look for the badge next to the company name to identify their specialty (see the description below for each badge).

  • The Architectural Films (Windows, Walls, and Floors) badge signifies that the installer has demonstrated proficiency in installing adhesive vinyl in various retail/commercial settings—including windows, walls, and floors.
  • The Architectural Films (Resurfacing) badge signifies that the installer has passed the PDAA and 3M™ DI-NOC™ Architectural Finishes Preferred Installer training program.
  • The Vehicle & Fleet Wraps badge signifies the installer is proficient in installing vehicle wrap material on cars and fleet vehicles, including deep channels with minimal stretch and rivets.
  • The Rigid Signage badge signifies the installer is proficient in installing many styles of rigid signage including Stud and Pin, Cleat, Standoff, Suspension hanging systems, SEG frames, ADA, and Security Mounted hardware.
  • All PDAA-certified installers (indicated with a badge by their company name) are corporate members of PRINTING United Alliance and have passed the certification signified by the badge. Check the radio button next to “Yes” under Insurance Verified to check if the company has sent in insurance verification.
  • Arlon, FlexCon, Mactac, and Orafol recognize PDAA Certification status.

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