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Safe and Sound Week is Underway!

  • 1.  Safe and Sound Week is Underway!

    Posted 08-13-2019 16:37

    Happy Safe and Sound week! Many new resources have been posted on our website, but today, we would like to highlight the:

    • Fire Extinguisher Inspection checklist and
    • Portable Fire Extinguisher Policy Template

    OSHA requires monthly inspections of all fire extinguishers as well as a written policy declaring what types of fire extinguishers are in house, when to use them, which authorized persons will use them in the case of a fire, etc. Have you inspected your fire extinguishers lately? Our Inspection Checklist will easily walk you through it!

    Share any stories you have about fire extinguishers and let us know if you utilize either of these resources!
    Safe and Sound 

    Heather Nortz
    Specialty Graphic Imaging Assn
    Fairfax VA