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  • 1.  Hire More Women In Tech

    Posted 08-30-2019 22:43
    Edited by Bob Monte 09-01-2019 06:30

    Hire more women in tech, not tomorrow, now. Hire women that are amazing at their jobs. Own the responsibility of actually getting the word out to the widest pool of candidates possible. If you're only getting male candidates, perhaps the problem lies with how you're describing the position. Get more women & non-binary folks in during the interview process. Even if your post isn't overly bro-oriented, are you sending cues that your workplace has the potential to be unwelcoming, or even toxic?

    "The problem is that the idea that women are not as good is so deeply embedded in the mind of so many people in positions of power, that it is not even recognized. It's a belief system that leads one to automatically and without awareness, connect "women" with "lower standards" and "woman as good as a man" with "the exception." ...And its cumulative effects are profound. - Jessica Nordell

    "The first step, and the most important step, to improving diversity is to make sure that you are treating the women and people of color who already work at your company very well. This includes: appreciate their contributions, assign them to high impact projects, bring up their accomplishments in high level meetings, pay them equitably, provide chances to grow their skillset, listen to them, help them prepare for promotions, give them good managers, believe them about their experiences, and generally support them." - Rachel Thomas

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    Bob Monte
    Strategic Account Manager
    Austin, TX