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Announcing SGIA's Safe & Sound Week!

  • 1.  Announcing SGIA's Safe & Sound Week!

    Posted 08-08-2019 13:47

    We are excited to announce SGIA's launch of our first ever Safe and Sound week. We have been inspired by the success stories facilities have had with OSHA's Safe and Sound week and decided we must get our members involved as well! This week (Beginning August 12th) a brand-new package of safety resources (including checklists, policy templates, interactive training activities, etc.) will be made available to our members. The written templates and checklists will be available for download on our website and the training guidance is available upon request!

    We are excited to get as much engagement as we can and would love to highlight some of you with what you have done thus far with your Safety and Health programs. Please share any success stories you have had, any tips or tricks that have helped your company or you would like to try, or any other comments or questions that come to mind around this topic!

    Throughout the week, look out for daily posts to inform you all about a different aspect of our Safety Package and more opportunities for you to share your story and get involved! We are hoping to get stories from companies like yours for social media shout outs after Safe and Sound week has ended. Help us get your company recognized!

    Marci Kinter
    Vice President- Government Affairs
    Specialty Graphic Imaging Assn
    Fairfax VA